With Signup Ads, everybody wins.
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Signup Ads by Pontiflex

Pontiflex powers a new kind of digital advertising called Signup Ads. People opt in to hear from brands and organizations they like without leaving the app or website they’re on.


People can easily connect with brands and organizations they want to hear more from. Signup Ads enable people to enjoy special offers, receive newsletters, and support their favorite charitable causes. Learn More →

App Developers

App Developers keep people inside their apps and make real money. Learn More →


Advertisers run ads on top apps and websites, then pay only for signups. They can connect with real people – instead of mere impressions or clicks - and build robust email lists and vibrant social communities. Learn More →


Content and e-commerce publishers can serve ads where users are most engaged and earn revenue from new areas of their site. Learn More →

“People acquired through Pontiflex’s mobile and online signup ads performed 2X better than organic signups.”

Debbie Swider Director, e-Marketing